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What constantly amazes me is that you continue to make outstanding music with the ever changing tastes of the general public, while still keeping to your classic style that we all know and love. I have to say, this is one hell of a track with great mixing, a rockin' drop and as previously mentioned, has that certain F-777 ring to it that is all too familiar on this website. Well done.

Nice man. Great production and great buildup. Drop was a little underwhelming but really liked the synth used there. Not sure if its the kick I'm not too fond of, but something is holding this track back from being a killer. Nevertheless a great one. 4.5

Bahdshah responds:

yeah maybe I should have ditched the FL samples >_<

this is actually sick brah, well done. and LoZ so automatically awesome! (:



This is really good, props to you for recording your own vocals which sounded perfect. Good layering and buildup, and when the actual thing drops it has a really nice feel. Sidechain sounded pretty slick and that synth that is playing the theme there sounded perfect. I'd prefer it a little more square but it works well.

Despite these positives I really thought that the feel changes could have been executed better. Out of the triplet feel at 1:21 was a bit awkward listening for the first time, and I don't think it was necessary to change back to the triplet feel at 2:13, although it was a much better and less awkward change.

Anyway, hope I haven't been too harsh because I do really like what you have done here. Well done.


fishfood2021 responds:

It's all good dude. I felt the same way. Just remember it's just a demo atm. I will be sure to have smoother transitions in the final product.

Mastering Need Moar

This is an awesome track, i think you have done everything that you can with the sounds to make it sounding as good as possible.

However it seems a bit lacking on the energy side and I think that with a little bit of tweaking on the kick and snare and maybe some mastering on the overall it would sound massive. Maybe add some treble.

I see you've gotten better

I think you sound rather F-777 with that lead at 0:32. Nice.

Can't wait for the full version.

Pretty Nice.

I've been quite inactive on NG recently, so this is my first review in a while.
This track is pretty nice, the tune's pretty catchy too. The beat kinda gets a bit old though, mixing it up a little might be nice.

The sounds you use are good though, either theyr really good presets or you rock at making sounds on synths. The tune is seriously brilliant though.

IMO you could have skipped to either 2:25 or 0:28 though, its fine like now though so Dj's can mix it =)

One thing I noticed about this track is that it revolves mostly around the same feel/ideas. Its great but i think it needs some contrast somewhere, seems a bit plain in some places to me.

Overall, great track, 8/10 is a high score so don't worry =P



You guys make an awesome team, happy that this got top 30 this week. Lol do you still check this account Chronamut? =P

ChRoN0uNc3 responds:

yeah .. every now and then.. not very often tho hehehe :)

thanks for the review!

-shawn and B0UNC3-

Nice mate.

Drag Trance is what I would call it, really. Nice synths and harmonies, saws ftw? And the piano was awesome. Also, are you using the tapestop effect in dblue glitch in this one? it kinda sounds like that with the lead/saw. And I need that pad. Really.

DJOrsa responds:

dblue glitch is correct!
I spent FOREVER making the pattern for it though, but damn.. that VSTi is powerful. I love it, although it's time-consuming.

Btw, I'm using Gate, Stutter, Tapestop, Crusher, Shuffler, and Delay in a very specific order (obviously). :D


Sounds like you got a new sample pack =P
I actually NEED that laughing sample xD

Nice bass, but that random girl that says 'Rewind Turd' is very annoying.
And that other 'HOO' sample is used in Heaven Rd. 2 I think.

Overall, good sounding song, looking forward to the final version ^__^

LK412 responds:

XD Haha ya, ill send it to you.

It says "Rewind the Tape, NOW" Imma get rid of it tho.

Thanks for the review, i hope i get the will to finish it.


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